Started Puppy Training Program

This program is for family's that want a started puppy.   I will help you choose which puppy is the best fit for your family from the litter of puppies you will be purchasing. Usually this is done when the puppy is 7 to 8 weeks old.  

Our puppies are well socialized beginning at day 3 after they are born. We incorporate a method called the “Super Dog Program” that is used to develop a confident, smart, ready to learn puppy and dog. We also puppy test our litters to see what puppy will be successful as service dogs, hunting companions and most important a great family pet before they go to their new family.

Your puppy will stay with us here at Kentfield Kennels until he/she is 4 months old and will receive daily training. Our positive reinforcement methods help to build a relationship with respect and trust, not fear and punishment. We use treats, toys, praise - whatever your dog finds rewarding. These methods help to create dogs that are happy and enthusiastic to learn. This method of training often provides quality, long - lasting results.

Each puppy enjoys our special area built for our training program, their own clean, comfortable crate and individual kennel. We encourage our puppy's family to bring a sturdy stuffed animal and/or bedding that your puppy will sleep with and will take to his/her new home. This makes the transition from our kennel to the puppy's new home much easier.

We do require all started puppies in training have dog health insurance.  Accidents and injuries are rare, yet they do happen.



Areas we focus on:

  1. Crate Training
  2. Introduce walking calmly on leash
  3. Sit & stay
  4. Discourage jumping
  5. Sit & wait for food
  6. Sit and wait at gates
  7. Walking up & down stairs
  8. Bait Training
  9. Nipping & mouthing corrections
  10. Socializing with other dogs & lots of people


You will be invited to visit your puppy during this time and encouraged to to take the puppy out for a walk in a local park or just down our private road so that your puppy can get to know you & you can see how your puppy is progressing. We do request you read our visitation requirements. This is not the time to try to introduce another pet to your puppy, you want to devote 100% of your attention on your new puppy for these short visits.    

We also have a new training facility in Cresent, Oklahoma that is managed by our son, Jake who has grown up with our Labradors & trained them his entire life. We do fly back and forth between these kennels to assure we are consistent in our methods of training and quality control.   

We will only take a few puppies in this program. This assures that your puppy will get the time it needs to become a well trained puppy ready for your family. We have found that our excellent puppy raising from the day the puppy is born makes our training program quite unique and successful.   

All of our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club, micro-chipped and enrolled in the AKC ReUnite program before they go into a new family home.  Our puppies are also given 3 separate puppy shots, treatment for Coccidia & giardia, heartworm and flea treatment started.  This service is included in training fee paid weekly for  your puppy. Puppies will have a complete puppy packet including information on shots, worming schedule and medication that has been given, that you will need to share with your vet. A written guarantee, and the basic schedule of sleeping and feeding that the puppy has been raised on will also be some of the information in your puppy packet.  

Our fee for this service is $300 a week.