Started Puppy Training Program

This program is for family's that want a started puppy.

I will help you choose which puppy is the best fit for your family from the litter of puppies you will be purchasing. Usually this is done when the puppy is 7 to 8 weeks old.

Your puppy will stay with us here at Kentfield Kennels until he/she is 4 months old and will receive daily training. Our Positive Reinforcement methods help to build a relationship with respect and trust, not fear and punishment. We use treats, toys, praise - whatever your dog finds rewarding. These methods help to create dogs that are happy and enthusiastic to learn. This method of training often provides quality, long-lasting results.

Each puppy enjoys our special area built just for our training program, their own clean, comfortable crate and individual kennel. We encourage our puppy's family to bring a sturdy stuffed animal and/or bedding that your puppy will sleep with and will take to his/her new home. This makes the transition from our kennel to the puppy's new home much easier.


Areas we focus on:

  1. Crate training
  2. Introduce walking calmly on leash
  3. Sit, stay & come
  4. Discourage jumping
  5. Sit & wait for food
  6. Walking up & down stairs
  7. Bait training
  8. Nipping & mouthing corrections
  9. Socialized with other dogs & lots of people

You will be invited to visit your puppy during this training time and encouraged to take the puppy out for a walk in a local park or just down our private road so that your puppy can get to know you & you can see how your puppy is progressing. This is not the time to try to introduce another pet to your puppy, you want to devote 100% of your attention on your new puppy for these short visits.

We will only take 2 puppies at a time in this program. This assures that your puppy will get the time it needs to become a well trained puppy ready for your family.

Our fee for this service is just $250 a week.