Visitation Guidelines

To protect our litters and adult dogs from communicable diseases, we ask that you adhere to the the following visitation guidelines.


  1. We encourage all of our clients to take the time to see our adult dogs before purchasing puppies.  This visit will give you a good idea of what your puppy will look like as an adult dog, and the temperament they will have.
  2. Please do not visit any other kennels, the veterinarian, or handle any other dogs on the day of your visit. If you own a dog, we require a copy of his/ her health record indication he/ she has been vaccinated in the past 12 months and at least 4 weeks prior to your visitation. This can be brought along to your visit or e-mailed. Specifically the dog must be vaccinated for Parvovirus.  Please do not bring your family dog to visit our kennel, we don't want exposure to any other virus such as Giardia & Coccidia that can easily be passed to our puppies.
  3. To retain some semblance of family life for us and our children, we limit adult dogs and puppy visitation hours to Saturday between 11:00 to 3:00.  If Saturdays are not possible, let's see what day may work for you & me.  We are not open to visits on Sunday.
  4. Visitation appointments are 30 minutes, in this time we will introduce you to the adult dogs that live here and answer questions you may have.  While visiting you may see that we only have 4 to 6 adult dogs that live here, the other dogs in our breeding program are living with our foster family's.
  5. Please try to be considerate to the other clients that have 30 minute appointments on the same day you have.  Traffic can be a challenge on some days with all the special events that happen up here in the North Bay.
  6. We encourage you to pet, hold and play with puppies we may have available to see.  This is great socialization for these puppies and a special event for you and your family.  Don't forget your camera!